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It's a Dark and Stormy Night Kuelap 2 40x60cm.JPG

Artist Statement

Crumbling walls, falling stucco, faded colors, forgotten objects, endless deserts and vast ocean views infuse my art as I explore place. Traversing cities, large and small, traveling highways in Peru, between New York and Pennsylvania or the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, my eyes capture images. My mind, infused with views of billowing clouds, deserted streets, crumbling buildings and endless highways, allows my hand to transpose and transcribe place on canvas. Moving acrylics, water, charcoal, ceramics, collage and sandpaper on the canvas, I enjoy the process, arriving at an unknown end.  The process of tilting and swirling paint on a flooded canvas, attempting to recreate airstreams or waves, mesmerizes and challenges me. My work often unites these fragile landscapes with railings or signage, or decaying buildings telling stories about place.

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