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Carol Updegrave


Carol Updegrave is known for capturing urban and natural scenes and transforming them, with water, brush, and acrylics on various surfaces and scales. She plays with washes that represent fragile landscapes that can vanish in a flash with a more precise and realist representation of man’s interventions in those landscapes, that remind us of our impact on this world. Updegrave plays with textures and colors and scales reinforcing her interest in the dualities of our lives. Updegrave grew up in a small borough of 2,000. Her backyard, a forest, separated her from the ordinary and has infused and inspired her thoughts and art throughout her life. Her love of “her” forest, where she grew and flourished in Pennsylvania, her degrees in architecture, her eyes and passions, take us on journeys. For the past 21 years, Updegrave resides in Peru. Her palette and subject matter are now infused with urban and natural landscapes in her adopted home. Whether she represents a building that is decaying and crumbling before our eyes, storms in the Andes or cliffs at the beach, we are reminded of the fragility of our natural and built words. Educated as an architect at Columbia and Lehigh Universities, being awarded the Lowenfish and Spillman-Farmer awards, she now divides her time between painting, architecture, ceramics and music. In 2002, Updegrave participated in an art exhibit with her ceramics at Totoritas Beach. She has participated in a group shows, 2014 - 2018 sponsored by the American Women’s Literary Club. Currently, Updegrave, is pursuing her art work with private studio artists in Peru, namely, Enrique Polanco and Alberto Flores, workshops at PAFA, Philadelphia and The Art Student League. NYC, Corriente Alterna. Lima, Peru. Updegrave completed an artist residency with the School of Visual Arts, New York.



School of Visual Arts,

New York, NY

2019 - 2020

Center of the Image

Lima, Peru


Columbia University,

New York, NY

Artist in Residency project with multiple crits developing my art practice with various projects.

Certificate of Visual Anthropolgy

Certificate in Low-Cost video

Certificate in Visual StoryTelling

Certificate in Cultural Management

Master of Architecture

Development of various types of design projects from Housing, Museum, MultiUse Entertainment Center and an Urban Monastery

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